Monday, January 23, 2012

Sharrie with her cousin Chuck Williams BB1, Toast their great uncle, Maybelline's Founder Tom Lyle Williams, 116th Birthday.

Happy 116th Birthday, Uncle Lyle!!!!

Year of the Dragon, Powerful 2012!! click here.

Tom Lyle Williams, of The Maybelline Company, was the original owner of this gorgeous 1940, Packard Victoria, with the Horse-Head, hood ornament.  Today it belongs to the Bill Snyder collection, in Southern California.  Chuck and Sharrie Williams, will be working with Bill's son, Steve Snyder of VAULTCARS, to produce a mini-documentary about Tom Lyle and the Packard.

Click on video to see Sharrie Williams with her cousin Chuck Williams, BB1, toast their great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams 116th Birthday, Jan 19, 2012, after several day's at The Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction.

Stay tuned for more Classic Car highlights this week.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!  Year of the Dragon!!!

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