Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Classic cars from the 1920, featured in The Maybelline Story

When I look through my grandmother's, sister Bunny's 1920s photo album, I can't help be caught up in the magic of the era. Here are a few more delightful pictures I want to share with Vintage-lovers. 

Bunny's husband, Harold Cotter, picture shot in 1923, Chicago.

The irrepressible, Bunny Boecher-Cotter.

Bunny and Harold were the automobile enthusiasts, in their family.  They never had kids, but adored their dog and their fun, racy cars.

Bunny, dressed from a scene right out of The Artist, looks like a Movie Star in this picture.

Harold, Cotter, was the perfect bookend for Bunny Boecher, always meticulously dressed and an absolutely dapper dude.

And, here is Bunny and Harold's Baby!!

I have my fingers crossed for The Artist, to win Best Picture at the Oscars, tonight!!!

Chick here and check out - The Artist,
 and it's fantastic soundtrack.

If you love Old Hollywood, Vintage Silent Films and stunning scenes and costumes from the 1920s,

Don't forget Uggie the spunky dog, who stole every scene in the movie and was suggested for an Academy Award, but turned it down, because he was far too busy, check out this article,

See you tomorrow with the results.... PS, my second pick an Academy Award is, Midnight in Paris.

The Artist Featured on E! News!

Charlie Chaplin's Granddaugh​ters Interview/
​Uggie's Appearance on E! News! IN THEATERS NOW! www.theart​istmovie.n​et http

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