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Grammys - Beach Boys,- Foo Fighters - Chuck Williams, aka BB1, Buzz!!

Beach Boys, number one fan, Chuck Williams, aka, BB1, talks about The Beach Boys and the Foo Fighters.

              Brian Wilson and Al Jardine.

Hollywood, California – December 16, 2011 – The founding members of The Beach Boys, one of the world's most legendary bands in popular music history, will reunite for a global 50th Anniversary CELEBRATION in 2012. Click for press release.

Grammys 2012: Foo Fighters' 'Wasting Light' wins for rock album

Click on video and listen to The Foo Fighters do, WALK.

Chuck Williams, aka, BB1, has been a Beach Boy historian, collector and personal friend of Mike Love and the band for over 40 years.  He is seen here with Dennis Wilson's surfboard and a poster of the show he produced withThe Beach Boys, at the Santa Barbara Bowl, when he ran it during the 1970's.

This picture of The Beach Boys, was shot in Chuck Williams, aka BB1's, living room.

BB1's buzz about The Beach Boy's and The Foo Fighters:

Chuck Williams, BB1,second from the left with the Beach Boy's Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine and Mike Love,  at the Concert for America – A Tribute to Ronald Reagan." The event, sponsored by the Reagan Foundation

Chuck remembers;  It was the first time the Beach Boy's played together for several years.  I was on the bus with Al, Bruce and Mike heading to Air Force 1 , and mentioned, how nice it was having Al back.  "We should get the Real Beach Boys back together."  I said, and the next thing I knew, Mike called and said the band was going to do a surprise appearance on The Grammys, recording their 50 year anniversary album and embarking on a Global tour.  I like to think I had a hand in making this happen.

As far as the Foo fighters are concerned, I met them when they were in Santa Barbara, and talked to Taylor Hawkins about The Beach Boys.  He told me that he'd been a die heart fan since he was a kid living in Orange County and identified with Beach Boy Drummer, Dennis Wilson. I couldn't help but notice the resemblance and the energy he put out on stage, when he was playing the drums.  If you didn't know, you might think it was Dennis up there.

Side note:  When my cousin Chuck told me this story, I had to smile, because I know Taylor was dating Mimi Jakobson, Greg Jakobson, daughter, before he joined The Foo Fighters.  Greg co-produced, Dennis Wilson's solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue and was a close friend as well.  A new movie about Dennis is coming out soon and Greg Jakobson was one of the consultants, based on his memories of Dennis in the 1970's.

The Beach Boys FAQ - All That's Left to Know about America's Band FAQ Series click here.

Greg Jakobson and Dennis Wilson in the studio.

Author, Jon Stebbins and Taylor Hawkins, drummer in the Foo Fighters.

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