Friday, February 17, 2012

Time stands still at ZACA LAKE.

Zaca Lake, in the 1970's, when it was owned by Bill Williams and Howard Olson.

This 10,000 year old green lake, filled with Catfish, relaxed the mind, into an almost trance like state.  There was something so magical about it, that even the most type-A personality could let go and find peace.
Even my father, Bill Williams let down his guard and became an entirely different person while at Zaca Lake.

Though I'm sure she kicked and screamed about the bugs, the heat, no phone or TV, Jean Williams, (BB1's, mother,) slowed down enough to actually get on a horse and ride to the top of Zaca's mountain.

It must have been worth the pain and suffering of riding their horses. to the top of Zaca for this stunning view.

In the Summer we were able to jump in the lake and swim or take a paddle boat out with our friends.  Here is my sister Billee tanning on the dock, with our family friend Gerry Marks.

In the Fall of 1975, Gene and I retreated to Zaca, to get away from his Law Practice and our crazy busy lives.
My close friend Asa and her husband Bruce Chandler, (from the LA Times family,) were brave enough to trust us and leave Newport beach, for a rustic weekend at Zaca Lake.

We told them it would be an hour up the mountain and an hour down.  They said OK, but when we got lost and the sun was setting, it became survival of the fittest.

Six grueling hours later, we were not only grateful to make it back to the lodge, we had never been so relaxed in our lives.

Zaca Lake Lodge.

One of the rustic cabins.

Inside the Lodge.
Asa, reading, in her cabin.

Gene starting a fire in our cabin, with Bruce.

Gene and Bruce in the game room.
Asa and me in the game room.

Check out this video... Zaca Lake is still exactly the same way it was in the 1940's when the lodge and cabins were built.  Time stands still at Zaca. 


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