Thursday, March 29, 2012

OLD HOLLYWOOD, comes alive, while crusing in my great uncle's Packard Victoria

After two months of talking about my mini-documentary... showing Tom Lyle Williams, 1940 Packard Victoria... here is part 2, of my interview with Packard historian and owner of Vault Cars, Steve Snyder.
Sharrie Williams, author of the Maybelline Story and the Spirited family dynasty Behind it... slips into her great uncle's 1940 Packard Victoria, with Steve Snyder to talk about it's history.  click on video.
Click on video, of Steve Snyder and Sharrie Williams than click again for larger screen.

Chuck Williams aka BB1, of Reeeeel ConvertiblesSteve Snyder of Vault Classic Cars, Sharrie Williams, author of the Maybelline Story, and her sister, Donna Williams, spend an afternoon, viewing and discussing the history of Maybelline's, Tom Lyle Williams, 1940 custom made Packard Victoria.

To be continued tomorrow......

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