Friday, April 27, 2012


Everything about our lives changed after we moved into the house my father built for us. The picture The Greenspan Company created of my loss for the Insurance Company, forced them to pay me the full value of what it was worth.  I moved back into my home feeling like a Queen and never looked back.

Georgia and I were once again happy and had a bright future to look forward to.  For me it was going back to College and finishing my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and writing my book.  For Georgia it was going to college, finding a husband and someday being a Bride.  We both made those dreams a reality.  Georgia and I graduated from college within the same week in 2001 and she married the following year.  My book was published in September of 2010 and I am at last a published author thinking of writing my second book.

My father's beautiful Art Deco, Mediterranean design.   Here is the entry and stairs leading to the living area.

The window seat at the top of the stairs
with an Ocean view.

The Living room, dining room, kitchen and TV room behind the kitchen.  Stairs lead to my Master Suite.

The Master Bathroom with a fireplace, 
double sinks,Jacuzzi tub and Ocean view. 

 I never dreamed this beautiful home was in the deck of cards representing the events in my life, but by the Grace of God I was blessed beyond measure.

                                 THE END.

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