Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There is NOT ONE Female in Hollywood today to compare with Rita Hayworth.  She was The Dancing Queen.
While the Palladium Ballroom, in Hollywood,  was being filled to capacity every night, during the 1940 War Years, Rita Hayworth, like every teenager of the time, was dancing her heart out to raise morale, for the boy's going overseas.
One of Maybelline's top Stars, Rita Hayworth's glamour brought teenage girls into the drugstores by the thousands, hoping to capture Rita's, Star Quality, before going dancing at night.
Dancing with the Stars, 1940's style, with
 Rita Hayworth... exuding explosive, sex appeal.
                                     Rita Hayworth Is Stayin' Alive!!!

You must watch this video, which has gotten almost one million hits.  It is the most remarkable, example of Rita Hayworth's dancing ability and the most incredible editing job on a video, I've ever seen.

Read more about Rita Hayworth, The Palladium Ballroom and Maybelline, during the 1940's, in my book,

The Maybelline Story and the Spirited
 Family Dynasty Behind It.

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