Thursday, April 5, 2012


1956, was a banner year for Maybelline.....
  It Sponsored the Grace Kelly,
The Miss America ContestThe Perry Como Show and Chuck Berry came out with the hit single, Maybellene,

 This is from his Saturday night show in the late '50s. "THE PERRY COMO SHOW," which had several sponsors during the hour- including, Maybelline and Polaroid.

On September 15, 1956, the season premiere of The Perry Como Show was broadcast from NBC's new color television studios at the New York Ziegfeld Theatre, making it one of the first weekly color TV shows. In addition to this season premiere as a color television show, there was also a royal visit from Prince Rainier of Monaco and his bride of six months, Grace Kelly.

Perry Como with Eddie Fisher - 1956, Perry Como and Eddie Fisher team up to sing "Maybe" in this 1956 clip.. Forty years later, Maybelline New York, would coin the phrase, "Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Maybelline.

The Perry Como Show, telecast, one of the first, special effect, Maybelline commercials, depicting a "before and after" technique..... transforming, plain eyes, into glamorous, sparkling Maybelline eyes.  This was magic in 1956.  Also Maybelline's, Good Housekeeping seal of approval. represented purity and made it acceptable for family TV.

Read all about Maybelline's television sponsorship, in the 1950's, in my book, The Maybelline Story.

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