Thursday, June 21, 2012


Gregg Jakobson and Dennis Wilson.
 "Forever," off The Sunflower Album was co-written 
with Dennis' longtime friend and collaborator Gregg Jakobson.  When Dennis Wilson decided to do a solo album, Jakobson  co-producer and contributed lyrics to the many diverse tracks. "Dennis had a gift that was similar to Brian's, "says Jakobson."  He just had a great instinct for melodies and chords and he was always at the piano trying to find that next song."

"Forever," written by Dennis Wilson and 
Gregg Jakobson.

Aaron Eckhart was contracted to play Dennis Wilson in a new movie called The Drummer.  However, he decided he wasn't a good enough drummer... so out of respect turned the part down.  Gregg Jakobson wants Taylor Hawkins, the drummer in the Foo Fighters, to play Dennis Wilson, but Hawkins has just been cast as Iggy Pop in a new Docu-film... so The Drummer, is now shelved and may in fact never be made... But from what I hear from my close friend Cindy Biggers, Gregg Jackobson's ex-wife.. she and Gregg have written a screenplay about Dennis Wilson and may produce it. 

Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins drum solo.   

Iggy Pop's life story starring Taylor Hawkins,
 in new CBGB film.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges sing,
 "Never Met a Girl Like You Before."

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