Friday, June 15, 2012


I received an email with an interesting question....

I hope that you can help me or refer me to someone. I have a maybelline metal cake mascara in new condition and am trying to find the age and value of it.  Your web page is the only one that even lists one like it but mine is in new condition as I stated.  Thanks for any help you can provide.  Laura

Dear Laura, this metal Maybelline box shown in the before and after ad, above, came out in 1936.

followed by this gold box in 1949.....

seen here in this 1950 Maybelline ad.

followed by this even more modern Maybelline box in 1952.  

In 1959 Maybelline introduced the new Spiral Brush and Magic Mascara, 

Followed by Ultra-Lash in 1964.

I would try and sell it on ebay at auction with a starting bid of 25.00 and see if you get any bids.  I hope this has helped you.  If anyone has any questions about vintage Maybelline leave a comment or email me at any time.                   


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