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Guest Blogger Alicia Dufour says "Check out Sharrie Williams new website at"

In response to the post I wrote on Marjorie Woodworth Alicia Dufour writes about what she has learned from Miss Woodworth's Hollywood career.
I am an actress, model and singer/songwriter. I am also a professional belly dancer and vintage pin up model. I have been performing on stage for over 20 years and recently filmed my second movie. I was honored to bring life to deputy Karen Harper for the Lunatopia/Baylor Film production of Vertical (starring Marshall Bell, Irene Bedard, Elsie Kate Fisher and Wolfgang Bodison, with director Stephen Savage). I am just at the precipice of what I hope to be a long and fulfilling career. I have learned the value of having a great makeup artist, and how important makeup and beauty are in my industry.
I grew up watching my mother wear Maybelline products and always associated Maybelline with what was beautiful and with glamour. And now as an adult, I have a makeup kit worth well over $800 (in addition to my rather large collection of makeup that I use for daily wear) and have used makeup to make me both beautiful and glamorous... as well as frightening. And Maybelline has always been a staple in my house and my career.

The lovely Marjorie Woodworth was both glamorous and at the start of her career when she became a Maybelline model. (wow! wouldn't I love to be featured by Maybelline at this point in my career!!) But for all of her looks and talent, she had a surprisingly short career. She was out shined by other rising talent and her career never took off and she is now remembered in a collection of amazing and beautiful photographs and B movies. She truly was a stunning beauty and it is sad to think what could have become of her talent.
In an industry so driven by looks and beauty, I've already learned that I need to enjoy each moment because I never know how long I will have to enjoy it! For all of the hard work that every actor, musician, producer, director, cinematographer and photographer (atc) does, we need to remember to fully embrace each and every moment we get to do what we love.
I remember a story I heard once about another couple of beauties: Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton.  While filming Steel Magnolias, Julia commented to Dolly regarding how cool she kept in the sweltering heat. Dolly's response was simply that she was doing the one thing she had always wanted to do, so what was there to complain about? I love this. I know the road ahead of me is long. But every 'no' get is one step closer to the next 'yes' and the next opportunity to bring life to some new character. And to me there is nothing more beautiful than that.
Vintage 1950's - 1960's Pin-Up girl Alicia Dufour.

                                                     Alicia Dufour.
Photos caption info:
photo by Mikel Healy
photos by Brandy Nichole Photography
Alicia Dufour as Karen Harper - movie still from Vertical by Lunatopia/Baylor Films
Alicia Dufour as Zombie - makeup by Alicia Dufour, Redlands Shakespeare Festival Haunted Grove
Alicia Dufour as Allie Kat, Pin Up Model
photo by Sven Ellirand
Alicia thank you for the great post.  I agree with you about appreciating the the good times when they into your life and not taking them for granted.  Someone once told me that when the Rolls Royce pulls up, get in and enjoy the ride while it lasts and when it's over, get out and be grateful for "the time of your life" you had..... while riding in it. So when we think of Marjorie Woodworth's fairly short career in Hollywood, we should be happy for her, because she did something few people will ever experience in their lifetime and she left us a legacy of beauty, glamour and dreams of a 15 year old girl with beautiful Maybelline eyes!!!!  

I look forward to hearing about your career and when anything exciting comes up please come back and do another great post.

My Sincere Best, Sharrie Williams

The feature film Alicia is working on now is called Vertical by director Stephen Savage premieres in Jan 2013: Vertical will premiere at the Idyllwild Cinema Festival

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