Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remembering Tom Mix, Marjorie Woodworth, Carole Lombard, Zoe Mozert, Elyse Knox and Tom Lyle Williams.

Here are a few of my favorite comments on the Maybelline Book Blog this year.

                             Dear Sharrie.....

I live in Florence AZ where Tom Mix had his accident, there
are still local residents who remember seeing the Cord being
 towed into town and having a close up look at the vehicle,
 there is also one resident who was friends with the coroners
 daughter and says it was just as much the steering wheel
 as the metal suitcase that killed him. on Maybelline cousins

Thanks for this fascinating material. I just saw Marjorie
 Woodworth in "Broadway Limited" and thought she was
 terrific. I had previously seen her in "All American Coed."
 Looking at her career, I was surprised that it was so short.
 She seems to have suddenly become a star in 1940, and
 was in demand in 1941 and 1942, but suddenly she flamed
 out in 1943. Hollywood in the Golden Age (1920's-1950's)
 was a brutal system. Typically, most women stars started
 around 20, rose for four or five years, starred in five-ten
 movies from 25-30 and then faded out of the business after
 getting smaller and smaller roles for another five years. She
 seems to have condensed this arc to 1/3 of its normal life 
span. Of course there were the exceptional actresses who
 continued in the business their whole lives, like Bettie Davis
 and Katherine Hepburn. I am curious why she quit. She
 was beautiful and talented and absolutely star material.
 Why did she give up such a promising career at 24? I hope
 it was not because she got married and her husband
 forced her to quit. That happened to many promising
 actresses back then.

Sharrie, I am grateful to Twitter. Without Twitter, I would never have found you. Your uncle would have ruled the world if he were starting out today. Think about how starved the world is for glamor. He walked, talked and breathed it into existence. I wish I had met him. I truly believe that after I get and read your book, I will feel like part of the family. Ameikins on MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK SEPT 6 - 13 Maybelline New York’s Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara will officially launch in October. Anonymous

The posters and magazine covers of the beautiful young models and starlets painted by Zoe Mozert, are very glamorous! Maybelline had such a presence in the Era of Elegance! Today Maybelline New York remains the No. 1 brand globally and that includes my home too! on 1930's Maybelline ad painted by Zoë Mozert, the most famous female pin-up artist of her day Shellyfire04

It seems like a pretty ruthless system doesn't it? There must have many beautiful & sometimes talented young girls that were shot into the glamorous world of Hollywood only to be cast aside 5 minutes later ,it must have been hard for a lot them to return to the normal world after all that promise & excitement. I can't believe how dashing Fred McMurray is,quite different from My 3 Sons. Carol Lombard is just beautiful ,it is so sad that she died the way she did. I adore those Maybelline ads ,i am on a mission to collect as many as i can:) on Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray star in 1938 film, True Confession, introducing "Miss Typical America" Eleanor Fisher.  Mrs. Cleaver

She certainly was a beautiful girl.It's sad that her fame was so fleeting.I hope she had a good life after all that,I'll have to look it up. Hi Sharrie,i hope you are well.My apologies for my absence,things have just been very busy as usual with my family. I wanted to tell you that i am now the proud owner of a 1930's?(i think) box of Maybelline.It still has the brush and mascara,the mascara has been used a few times.I was so thrilled when i bought it on ebay i think the seller thought i was a little odd lol! I am also looking at purchasing a Maybelline ad featuring Elyse Knox. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :) on SEXY GLAMOR SHOT OF MAYBELLINE MODEL MARJORIE WOODWORTH - HAND SIGNED BY HER - HAL ROACH PLAYER  Mrs Cleaver

Wasn't Mark's Mother originally from KY. My mother always told me about them being friends before she went to Hollywood. Mother knew her from Fleming or Mason County, I think & they were friends. I would love to be able to contact Mark to see if he had ever heard of my mother, who would probably at that time have been called Doug (Douglas) Royce, Her "given name was Lola Douglas Royce... then she married & her last name was Fawns. When her first husband died during the war, she married my father, Oscar P Whitton, (Buster). I am Doris Whitton  on MARK HARMON'S MOTHER, MAYBELLINE MODEL, ELYSE KNOX DIES AT 94  

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