Monday, September 24, 2012

HEDY LAMARR in H.M. Pulham ESQ flaunts makeup in public after WW l..

After World War 1, nice girls didn't paint and powder themselves.  However a new breed of women emerged in 1920 and that's the target market Maybelline captured.  

After the end of World War I, Harry (Robert Young,) gets a job in a New York City advertising company, where he falls in love with a vivacious,independent coworker, Marvin Miles (Hedy Lamarr)... However, she cannot bring herself to fit into his traditional idea of a wife's role. 

Lash-Brow-Ine, became Maybelline in 1917 and Hollywood Stars like Ethel Clayton endorsed the new eye beauty product...helping launch the idea that nice girls did make up their eyes!!  

Nice girls before World War 1, aspired to make a good marriage and not have a career.

By the 1920's Dime stores couldn't keep Maybelline stocked fast enough...Women were stepping out of the kitchen...into the workplace... painting and powdering their face's in public
and feeling quite comfortable pulling out their make up bag.

TCM was showing Hedy Lamarr and Robert Young in a classic 1941 film called, H.M.Pulham ESQ.  Check out this one minute scene and you'll see the point I've been trying to make.  Hedy Lamarr's character was a modern Maybelline girl in about 1918. 

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