Thursday, October 25, 2012

Congratulations Shelley Ollivier you are the winner of my Facebook giveaway.

Congratulations Shelley Ollivier of British Columbia, you are the winner of a copy of The Maybelline Stoy and a vintage Maybelline mini-make-up bag.  Shelley please contact me at  Here is the original information on my Facebook giveaway.

Dearest Sharrie: 

Omg! I am so excited! I cannot believe I have won a copy of your book, The Maybelline Story. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and read such a behind-the-scenes story of the Maybelline Dynasty.  Thank you!!! 

Also, the vintage mini-make-up bag is truly one of a kind. I will carry it with me when I attend cocktail parties, and it will truly be a conversation piece, plus such an accessory - considering it comes from Ms. Sharrie Williams, herself, I feel quite honored. 

I hope to chat with you soon, Sharrie, I have not been online and very little of Facebook these past few weeks..but I am certainly going to tell everyone on FB and Twitter that I have won!!!!

Thank you Shelley so nice to hear how excited you are about winning the book and bag. I just mailed them off to you today, so let me know when they arrive and when you read The Maybelline Story, please consider writing a review for my blog. Best always, Sharrie

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