Friday, November 9, 2012

Meet Make-Up Artist Donna Mee and see pictures of my Maybelline Story Presentation for the Laguna Playhouse.

Published: Sept. 25, 2012 Updated: 10:43 a.m

For O.C. cosmetics expert, makeup's history forms foundation

Makeup, including a historical collection dating back hundreds of years, is part of the foundation of Donna Mee's life.

My Maybelline Story Presentation for the Laguna Playhouse Women,   was a stunning event at the Pacific  Club in Newport Beach California. Here I am signing a book for the Playhouse Director City Council member and past Laguna Beach Mayor, Elizabeth Pearson.  I was thrilled to sign over 40 books and met some of Orange County's leading women.  One lovely lady, make-up artist, Donna Mee, came to meet me and learn more about Maybelline's history.  She has an extensive make-up collection dating back 100 years and is an authority on it's history.  Check her website and the article she just did for the Orange County Register linked under her beautiful picture.  I will be meeting up with Donna and making a video of her collection this month, so stay tuned as two make-up enthusiasts go wild with memories of Maybelline!

Lunch at the Pacific Club.

A view of my Maybelline Story Presentation.
I was so excited about the success of my Newport Beach splash, that I ran to Costco and bought myself a new car....  Just kidding....but I did have a great time and want to thank everyone who attended and supported the Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.  Keep your fingers crossed, as my Publisher, Bettie Youngs is meeting with a Producer today to discuss a possible movie.  See you all soon as I head down the highway!!

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