Friday, November 16, 2012

Maybelline's secret weapon..Nothing succeeds like success...Tom Lyle Williams built his Advertising Empire on that one idea.

The Paige Detroit Company billed its cars as the most beautiful in America. The company started in 1909 and would one day be bought out by Cadillac. Tom Lyle held his own ideas of how the Paige design could be even flashier and more daring. Driving through the streets of Chicago, Tom Lyle wanted to stand out and thereby reflect the image of his fashionable new cosmetics company. His first car would also be an advertising tool as it would sit outside the Maybelline Company, and must not be mistaken for any lesser car. 

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The picture shows Tom Lyle, his father Thomas Jefferson and his sister Mabel Williams standing in front of his new Paige Detroit, parked in front of the Maybelline Company in 1916.

Whether you think it’s shallow or not the truth... people will look at your appearance and make a stack of judgments about you simply based on your image!

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