Monday, December 31, 2012

And the three winner's of my December book giveaway are:

FACEBOOK...Danielle Hughes, Michigan 
TWITTER.....Priscilla Ontiveros, Arizona
LETTES CHAT ..Angela Peck, Canada

Thank you so much for entering to win a signed copy of The Maybelline Story...Your book will be sent to you right after the New Year!!!

Also, Thank You to all my wonderful Maybelline Book Blog followers, I'm so excited to have friends from all over the world now and It's been a pleasure having so many wonderful Guest Blogger's in 2012 who love Maybelline. I will be posting  Keila Alleyne's Maybelline story about her Harvard University Fashion stay tuned this week... 

As I head into 2013, I Wish all of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, filled with wonderful unexpected surprises that thrill and delight the magical child within.  I know when we least expect it, we are given simple blessings that hold the promise of "the best is yet to come."  So, hop on, hold tight and let's all enjoy the ride together... 

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