Thursday, May 30, 2013

The new face of Maybelline in 1967 - Abe Plough

 Abe Plough built a business empire, (Plough Inc.)
  which included drugs, cosmetics, (Maybelline) and St. Joseph’s Aspirin.  His company merged with Schering in 1971, forming one of the largest drug companies in the world, (Schering Plough.)

 It was during the Schering Plough era that Great Lash was born and is still the number 1 mascara in the world.

Here are the original letters between Abe Plough and his new employees at the Maybelline Company, after the Maybelline - Plough merger.

Letters most graciously given to me by Maybelline Executive
Harris A. Neil Jr.

 As a teenager, Abe Plough was drawn to the drug business, working in a local drug store.  In 1908, he started the Plough Chemical Company in a room above his father’s store.  Plough created an antiseptic healing oil that he claimed was “a sure cure for any ill of man or beast.”  From this modest beginning, Plough built a business empire.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more letters and newspaper clippings from  "Maybelline Chicago, 1915 -1968"
By Harris A. Neil Jr.

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