Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maybelline's Chicago Headquarters 1915 -1968

Maybelline Building in 1934 withe it's executives, family and employees.  Don't you love the Maybelline truck?

Executive Secretary, Dorothy Molander standing at the Maybelline Building entrance in the 1940's.

Maybelline at 5900 N Ridge Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

This is the main entrance of the (old) Maybelline Building on Ridge Avenue in Chicago.  the script "M" cast into the concrete above the entrance--standing, of course, for Maybelline. 

The four sets of windows on the second floor were the four offices on "Executive Row." They now have curtains, so they've probably been converted to apartments. The glass brick wall runs along the production area as it existed in the '60s. 

The building to the left is a nursing home, built since the Maybelline days. 

Here's a view along the N. Clark Street line of the Maybelline Building. It's all one big store now, but those little entries were each smaller stores when Maybelline was there.

Review.....I have read The Maybelline Story book. I found this is a remarkable story! I cannot keep my eyes off of it! Your Great Uncle Tom Lyle Williams is a true icon of Maybelline! Thank you again!
Stephanie Lee

Thank you to Harris A Neil Jr. for sending me the recent pictures of the Maybelline Building.  Harris worked for the Maybelline Company from 1959 to 1968.  I will be sharing his memories on my Blog over the coming weeks.  

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