Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Maybelline Company operated “beneath the radar”

 By Harris A. Neil Jr.

This closing section contains miscellaneous materials from my files that relate to the previous recollections. They are in more or less chronological order, unless I missed a date here or there.

All of this material covers events beginning with the Plough merger, with nothing prior. I submit that this is because the company operated “beneath the radar” before the merger, keeping a low profile. This was a shadow of T. L.’s character; just like him, the company didn't bring attention to itself.

The material following is not captioned since most of it stands by itself; however, here are a few comments, in sequence to the sheets included:  The first four sheets announce the merger, followed by sheets that relate to that event;

There are two sheets that reflect Plough’s issuance of a “Qualified Stock Option” to certain key personnel of Maybelline. Very shortly after its issuance in early 1968, the stock effectively split 2-for-1. It’s all academic, because knowing the group receiving the option I don’t think anybody survived to exercise any of it, or at most only the first annual increment;

Then there’s a note from the First National Bank of Chicago from early 1969. It contained the second installment of T. L.’s gift (Alas, I must have lost the first announcement from mid-1968.);

Two copies of letters Rags Ragland wrote to me follow. Even though they’re over five years apart, they appear chronologically, because I have no other material from the intervening years;

The obituary for Abe Plough follows, source and date unknown. Doing the math from his life story, it should have been in 1984;

Finally, there are two articles covering Schering-Plough’s intent to sell Maybelline.

Though there are no documents in the file, Mayelline was sold to a investment group after Schering-Plough.
This was another step leading to the eventual home that Maybelline would find with the L’Oreal people, where I hope they live happily ever after!

Today Schering-Plough is known as MERCK.

Stay tuned for the actual documents to be posted on The Maybelline Blog.

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