Monday, July 1, 2013

HER BROWS WERE ALWAYS IGNORED...My daughter's makeover at the benefit brow bar at Macy's

With a 116 degree heat last Saturday, what better place
 to have a 20 dollar eyebrow wax then Macy's.  

I had fun playing with my camera while my daughter, Georgia had her brows waxed.  You can download the Paper Artist app on your smart phone for free and create watercolor pictures that look like art.

Georgia let her eyebrows grow out before having them shaped and filled in with benefit's 
smokin' eyes sexy eye and brow makeover kit

I guess, if eyes are the mirror of your soul, then the
 brows are the frame and there is no better way to frame
 a gorgeous work of art, than with perfectly
 manicured eyebrows.

I love Maybelline the best of course, but benefit's

 brow kit is magic.  Go see for yourself and let me
 know what you think.  Oh, and get the
 Paper Artist app as well.....

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