Friday, July 5, 2013

Review of The Maybelline Story by Jan Antaya... "This is very easy reading for me and I love the many chapters and photos."

Evelyn Williams
Hi Sharrie...So far I am feeling connected to Evelyn in this story...for different reasons......many of my own sad experiences.  I know first hand what your grandmother went through in her marriage... I'm on page 138 now and loving it...Oh I loved how you put it when you wrote that she would "throw up" in the morning.....It was so visual.....not funny I know but still...So use to hearing "morning sickness"...You say it like it is.......keeps us reading..

Pauline Williams
Not too happy with Evelyn at the moment!! Poor Pauline...I felt like pulling the rug right out from under Evelyn's feet! What an attitude she had... OUCH! 

Tom Lyle Williams
Tom Lyle seemed like a nice man...He tried to do the best he could for those he loved. Can't wait to read more tonight. I think I left off at the petroleum rationing...What a nightmare that must have been before The Maybelline Company got the OK from the US Government, to use what they needed.

Pauline Williams
Sharrie, OH NO! What a sad twist in the story...: (  Your poor mom! I was shocked to see the story take a twist like this. I couldn't stop reading but I had to get some sleep for there is no rest for me on Sunday's either....

Sharrie, the place which your grandmother invested in with the bumper cars etc. Did it ever get any bigger?? Is there another place just like  it now? What about Studio 54? Any connection there?  I can't believe the amount of zest Evelyn had ..I wonder what gave her the energy...I suppose when you have money then you feel things are possible in the first place..I really wish she had lived long enough to have seen more of her growing family.  (Although, I bet she does see this even now).

I am telling everyone I know about your book.........I found it to be a very good read! A wonderful summer time book....whether  read by the water,  on a boat, or at camp or at your WILL enjoy this...If anyone uses Maybelline then they will certainly appreciate it a LOT more when they are done reading this story..

The rivalry between Evelyn Williams and her daughter-in law, Pauline, defy's imagination and ends in tragedy for both women.  Sometimes the desire to be recognized as a great beauty can become a lethal dose of vanity.

Buy a signed copy of my book and enjoy this riveting story.

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