Thursday, August 29, 2013

1930s Makeup – The Jean Harlow Look..... by Glamour Daze @glamourdaze

Those very long lashes are black, her mascara of choice being cake Maybelline, which she applies with a fine set of brushes given to her by Max Factor himself.

You can bet that Jean Harlow is using a Maybelline
 Eyebrow Pencil to draw on her pincel thin eyebrows. 

15 cents, in the 1930's... today would be more like 2 dollars. Maybelline still maintains the same quality and is still sensibly priced.

Jean Harlow featured in a Maybelline Ad during the 1930's.

Maybelline was the first Make-up to introduce carded merchandise displayed on a rack, usually at the front of the Dime Store, to encourage impulse buying in the 1930's.

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