Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Model Jean Shrimpton was the Face of 1964...Excerpt from my 1964 Saffrons Rule Blog

March 2, 1964, Monday, Told everyone I'm going with Howard. Ugly windy day.
Drove to school. It rained last night. It was so windy my hair blew apart as soon as I got out of the car. Latest news is Cindy W. is pregnant. She goes down with every boy she goes out with. She's only known the boy for three weeks. After school took Marilyn to get a job at Newberry's. She didn't get it. Then went to Fosters. Went home and fell asleep until 6:30. Than Daddy was on the phone with Nana until 7:00. I was so mad. I wrote the letter to Unk Ile, about what my friends think about Maybelline liquid Eyeliner . Sending it tomorrow. Howard called at 8:30. I talked about using Lou's band for the Saffron Dance. I sure hope we use them. Also he wants me to fix Phil up with someone. Howard get his license in 3 weeks.

Fun, youth and sex appeal are key features in 1964 and Jean Shrimpton, with Black Eyeliner and Pale Pink Lipstick, had the look we all wanted in 1964.

Maybelline Products we all carried in our purses.  Notice the purple Liquid Eyeliner.  This  Ad is from the 1960's MAD MEN era.

Mad Men Greatest Quotes from the 1960's

 Maybelline TV Commercial.

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