Monday, October 21, 2013

A Stunning American Treasure Filled with Nostalgia, History and Marketing Expertise

1933 Maybelline Ad.

Maybelline founder, (1915,) Tom Lyle Williams, believed a woman’s greatest asset was her ability to capture a man’s imagination through her expressive eyes.

By the 1920's women were expressing their creativity through fashion, music, dance, modern art and writing. The film industry was exploding with new found glamour and Super Stars were born. The launch of radio in 1922 as well as newspapers, fashion and movie magazines.  Maybelline, advertised with full page glossy ads, using Hollywood Movie Queens.  the 1930's Maybelline was a household name. Women wanted beauty and Maybelline gave them beautiful eyes and the allure and confidence that went with them.

Empowered for the first time since the Victorian era, women discovered a passion for imitating stars who exuded sex appeal on the screen.

Maybelline provided an inexpensive eye beautifier that enhanced a woman's sex-appeal while movies mirrored  celluloid forgeries professing  nonconformity with old world standards.  As Movie stars became models for America's changing values, Tom Lyle threw Maybelline in the dime stores in 1933 and as little cosmetic companies fell by the wayside or were bought out by Maybelline, The Maybelline Company went on to be the undisputed giant in its field during the Great Depression.

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