Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Memories from 1959 and 1960 at my Childhood Home in Culver City California

Here are some of my special Christmas memories.

Unk Ile with my father, Bill Williams, and my little sister my Billee, in the background, Christmas 1959
Unk Ile, Tom Lyle Williams (fonder of the Maybelline Company,)         
with googly glasses and cap

My sister Donna, Billee and me in the Surrey.

My mother, Pauline was pregnant that Christmas and after three girls we were thrilled to have Baby Preston join our family the next Christmas in 1960.

William Preston Williams lll made our family complete and was the best gift of all on Christmas 1960.

Sharrie, Donna, Billee and Baby Preston 

We moved into our home on Lenawee in Culver City in 1956, the year it was built and uncle Lyle spent every Christmas with us here, through 1967, the year he sold the Maybelline Company.

We moved to Newport Beach in 1969 and sold the house on Lenawee in 1971.  Today, 56 years later it's still the cutest house on the block and carries all the special memories of Christmas our childhood and the happiest years of our lives. 

left to right, Sharrie, Bill, Tom Lyle, Billee, Pauline, Donna and Nana, Evelyn Williams and our little poodle, Pepsi. 
Unk Ile's last Christmas with us in 1967.  He had just sold the Maybelline Company to Plough Inc. and our lives were about to change forever. 

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for following the Maybelline Book Blog all year...

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