Thursday, January 9, 2014

Maybelline Family History, Tom Lyle's Charismatic Brother In Law, Chester Haines had a Passion for Automobiles

Tom Lyle's litter sister, Eva Williams, married Chester Haines, in 1924 and he worked for The Maybelline Company for over 40 years.

Love Birds, Eva and Ches, at Tom Lyle's Summer cabin, in 1923.
 Like all the men in my family, Ches Haines loved beautifully crafted automobiles.  Perhaps that's why Tom Lyle - a car enthusiast himself - put Ches in charge of Maybelline's transportation department - as soon as he and Eva were married of course!!  

Ches was in charge of  transporting cases of Maybelline to post office and dime stores around Chicago.
Chester Haines with his brand new 1930 Pontiac Sedan.
Chester Haines, not only had an affinity for beautiful automobiles, he had a killer sense of humor and a singing voice that could charm bird's right out the tree.  In fact, his voice was so smooth, bet, if circumstances were different, he might have landed a recording contract as a crooner. 

Be sure to listen to Ches Haines, sing "Maybe," and "Your Beautiful Eye's" on the record he made in 1947, with his brother in law, Tom Lyle Williams and Harold W. Ragland, Maybelline's marketing executive - as well as Eva and the rest of the Williams family.  

TL Williams, recording, Penthouse Serenade. click on

Read more about Eva and Chester Haines, in The Maybelline Story and The Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. 

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