Thursday, January 2, 2014

Here is what made my Father's Casa de Guillermo, the most beautiful estate in Palm Springs

The entire hardscape of the Estate was covered in thousands of  Mexican Pavers. 

Creating a Romantic 1930's Atmosphere the moment you drove through the electric gates.

The only problem was the expensive maintenance over the 30 years he owned Casa de Guillermo.

I bet if my Father had the chance to do it over, he'd have used Travertine Pavers. Take a look at the benefits for yourself.

The Benefits of Travertine Pavers Infographic

If you’re looking for a new flooring option for your home or a new type of paver for your outdoor patio, driveway or pool deck, travertine is one choice you should surely consider. It’s a 100% natural earth product that is formed when water passes through limestone, depositing calcium and releasing carbon dioxide. Travertine pavers have a variety of benefits making them ideal for pool decks. Here is an infographic explaining why you may want to install travertine flooring in your home.
It’s Long Lasting
If you need proof of how long travertine can stay gorgeous and hold up to daily wear and tear, just ask the Romans. Many of their construction projects, most notably the Colosseum, were made out of travertine and are still magnificent architectural features today.
It Has a Non-Slip Surface
Other types of pavers can be slippery when they’re wet, which can be problematic around pool areas. Travertine, however, has a porous texture, which provides a naturally non-slip surface. This makes travertine pavers an ideal choice for pool decks and patios.
It’s Heat Resistant
There’s nothing worse than scorching hot pavers when you’re walking around your yard or patio barefoot. But travertine pavers don’t get hot, so your feet will stay cool no matter how high the mercury climbs.
It’s Easy to Install Yourself
If you’re the DIY type, you’ll love how simple it is to install travertine pavers. Pavers can either be wet-set over an existing solid surface like concrete or dry-set using sand over gravel or lime rock. Travertine paver installation is easy. Next time you’re ready to jump into a home makeover, ask yourself if travertine can get the job done. Chances are, it can!
The Benefits of Travertine – An infographic by the team at Travertine Mart

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