Monday, February 3, 2014

Glamour in Old Hollywood...Friday, June 14, 1940...Things that aren't here anymore

Slept late as we didn't get to bed until late. It seems we don't
find much time to spend at Tom Lyle's Villa Valentino pool these days.

Took a long ride to Beverly Hills and the Bel Air section to see the homes of the movie stars.

Silent Film Star Buster Keaton

The old Buster Keaton home was impressive in all it's  grandeur.

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford

Saw Pickfair which reeked of wealth.

 Loretta Young's home was very lovely, but we had to catch a glimpse very quickly as the small space at the front gate is the only opening from the drive to the house. The shrubs and trees almost hide the house.

Child Star Jane Withers with Mickey Rooney

Jane Withers had a lovely home.

Of course, we saw hundreds of potential homes and most of them belonged to Stars, but we didn't know which home belonged to which Star.

Had dinner tonight at the Beachcombers. The food was all 

different from any we have eaten before,but delicious.

Had a Gold cocktail before dinner, which set the dinner off fine. I had never tasted a Gold before. It is a rum drink, delicious, but powerful and served only at the Beachcombers.

 This spot is very attractive, all South Sea Island decorations.

After dinner we went to Olvera Street, which is the oldest section of Los Angeles, all Spanish and Mexican. The little shops are all right on the street, and reminded me very much of Juares, Mexico. 

 Tom Lyle bought some perfumed candles for mother and aunt Frances. We saw people in the shop making candles.

In other shops we had our handwriting analyzed, our palms read and caricatures of Annette and me.

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