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Sharrie Williams Celebrity Gossip Column Interview in Polish Magazine... INTERIA KOBIETA...gets lost in translation,

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Eye care products earned them a fortune, but gave no luck. After years of heiress' family Maybelline "has decided to reveal the brutal truth about the lives of their ancestors. Alcoholism, adultery and "beauty terror" is a darker side of life.  But there is a positive aspect - perseverance and determination in the pursuit of purpose are key to success.
The company operates in nearly a hundred years ... / Getty Images / Flash Press Media

The company operates in nearly a hundred years ...
/ Getty Images / Flash Press Media
Isabella Grelowska, INTERIA.PL: People often think that a good business is one that has never borne failures. The first business of Tom Lyle, the creator of Maybelline, was a total flop, then go bankrupt a few times. What qualities made it a success anyway?
Sharrie Williams  - He believed that a good product and the pursuit of success outweighs the risk of failure. Tom Lyle was a genius marketing and advertising. For decades he could identify target markets.  

In one of the first advertising campaign Maybelline fell empty promises, which led the company to the brink of collapse. 
As this event resulted in Tom Lyle and his subsequent behavior?
Tom Lyle was a pioneer in the market for eye makeup products, but, as you noticed, in the development of Maybelline ad played a huge role. What was the key to corporate success: a good product or advertising?
- Company Maybelline always stuck to the principle of "quality at a reasonable price", so that every woman can afford to be beautiful.But what caused the Maybelline company became number one in the world, were and still are marketing and advertising.
 - At a time when advertising only its first steps, everything was allowed because there were no laws that would restrict it. When Tom Lyle has released its first product Lash-Brow-Ine, claimed that stimulates the growth of eyelashes. Tom Lyle himself believed it, but it turned out that the ointment had no such action. Then threw her production and began to create ink przyciemniającego eyelashes, which he called Maybelline. Focused on beauty products, giving up medicine. I do not want to be known as a chemist, but as the king of advertising.
In the book, for introducing his family "without makeup". Do not hesitate to show the disadvantages and move even very painful issues. Why did you decide this?
- When people think of family Maybelline, it seems to them that it must be perfect, that its members had and have a great life. This is not true. We are a simple family having its drawbacks. I would like the readers were able to understand me, my family and this is what we went through. We're not perfect, and anyone who meets me or hear at the meeting, you will feel that there are things that unite us.
I hope this story will inspire and encourage people to do, to believe in your dreams, work hard to achieve them, overcame difficulties and were successful.
Is the family tree ordered by the Emery was real?
 - For the first 80 years we thought so. But at a time when he ran his research, which in the early '30s, he had access to fairly limited sources. After the publication of my book, contacted me one person who thought that we were related. After closer examination of the case, it turned out that one of the lines covered by Emery was false. I had to give it up. But we are still related with Benjamin Franklin.
You described the details of many of the compounds in your family, but between the volume of Lyle and Emery Traded quite vague. Why?
- I do not know too much about their lives, because they were gay and behaved far-reaching discretion also applies to family members. After leaving my book Emery's family found me and we became very close, and even call ourselves cousins. This is because that if Tom and Emery lived today and wanted to get married, our families would be joined officially.
You wrote that homosexuals have become a kind of scapegoat at the end of the Great Depression and again in the 50s What do you think the times were most difficult for Tom Lyle?

 - I think it was hard for them 30 years to the death of Emery in 1964, but the worst were the years 50's when the government decided to eliminate homosexuals from the cosmetics industry. Since that time, Tom and Emery particularly care about your privacy and so that they were never invested them with brand Maybelline. From that moment on their faces were only Maybelline star movie.
You wrote that the money had a devastating impact on your family. Why did this happen?
- The time when Maybelline was sold in December 1967, were mere representatives of the middle class. This event made us multimillionaires in a single night. It was like winning the lottery, everyone had to somehow adapt to it. My mother never coped with the change, and the grandmother involved with the wrong crowd, which destroyed it. Adapting to the new position took us years.
The beauty was prized value in your family.Are you felt "terror of beauty"?
- My grandmother, Miss Maybelline, was a real perfectionist when it comes to matters of beauty and it was really hard to live in harmony with its expectations. hurt yourself using diet pills, tleniąc hair at the age of 15 years and hiding behind a mask of perfection. Abandoning the façade and accept myself as I am, it took me years spent in therapy after her death.
What now for you beauty?
- To be healthy, look healthy and feel healthy. I do not drink alcohol and do not use drugs, I try to eat properly. Exercise, especially yoga, allow me to retain youth and feel naturally beautiful for her age. Also being productive and giving something of myself makes me feel beautiful inside and outside. In 2015, I will give another book on the centenary of Maybelline, I will also continue my career speaker. All readers are invited to follow my blog

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