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Bohman and Schwartz creates one of a kind masterpiece in this 1940 Packard Victoria, originally owned by Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams

Excerpt from Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams Niece, Jane Allen's diary

 June, 1940

We drove to Pasadena to see a sketch of Tom Lyle's new car.  The artist for Packard had sketched it on a blackboard, actual size, to give tom Lyle an idea of dimensions.  Believe it will be some sporty job. The car will be a long convertible, four or five passenger, cream with red leather upholstering.  From the sketch it looks as if this will be the best looking and most unusual car Tom Lyle has had.  We spent the afternoon waiting for Tom Lyle to get all details settled, and stopped at a Drive-in for a sandwich

When Tom Lyle Williams requested an extra 18 inches added to the hood of his Packard, Bohman Schwartz accommodated him by purchasing a 20 foot Limousine, tearing it down to the chassis and building a custom made body on it. It's truly a remarkable piece of art.

So, when it came time to give my cousin Jeff Welles a great Birthday gift, I arranged for him and his brother Floyd Shaver-Welles, to visit the Snyder's, and take a ride in their uncle, Tom Lyle Williams car. (Jeff and Floyd are Tom Lyle Williams partner, Emery Shaver's, nephews.)  Here I am ready to cruise, with Jeff and Floyd's wives, Maryann Welles and Patty Shaver-Welles.

Our cousin, Ann (Williams-Corbett) Carneros, joined the Birthday party (Ann is Tom Lyle Williams, brother Noel James Williams, granddaughter,) 

Right to left, Ann (Williams-Corbett) Carneros, Sharrie Williams, Floyd Shaver-Welles and Jeff Welles. 

As it turned out we celebrated two special Birthdays, Jeff Welles and Bill Snyder...  Seated left to right bottom row, Jeff Welles, Steve Snyder, Maryann Welles, Sharrie Williams, Bill Snyder, Jo Snyder. Top row, Floyd Shaver-Welles, Patty Shaver-Welles, Ann (Williams-Corbett) Carneros.

Enjoy two versions of a slideshow video with the Williams, the Shaver-Welles and Snyder's.

Steve Snyder with his father, Bill Snyder at the Vault Classic Car Showroom, 714-401-1047.

Steve Snyder is owner of Vault Classic Cars and now has a beautiful Showroom in Fullerton, California, where you can visit and purchase some of the most incredible vintage cars in the world.

More about Steve Snyder, Vault Classic Cars and Tom Lyle Williams 1940 Packard Victoria click on links.

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