Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maybelline Mascara packaging has remained part of it's brilliant marketing strategy for 100 years

Not only was the marketing behind Maybelline brilliant, the handling of the business as a whole was ingenious. 

If you own a business or are starting a business pick up a copy of "The Maybelline Story And The Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It,"  for the many lessons you will learn about ethical and creative smart business practice.  

Through the 53 year history that Tom Lyle Williams and his brother Noel James Williams were at the helm,

Maybelline weathered and overcame some disastrous times in this country and the world and it never folded.

One of Tom Lyle's secrets was he surrounded himself with educated, brilliant people, like Rags Ragland, a marketing genius who helped shoot Maybelline to the moon with his innovation and inventive thinking. 

And when the government considered Maybelline a monopoly and threatened to destroy the company, Tom Lyle divided Maybelline within the family, turning the production of mascara over to his brother in law, Chet Hewes and the transporting of Maybelline over to his brother in law Ches keep it a private, family-owned business.....  

Read all about the ups and downs of the Maybelline Company and the family behind it. 

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