View of the event from across the street.  Hollywood Blvd. One of Phil’s favorite stores.  Hollywood Toys and
Costumes store.

 Kevin Nealon and John Hartman

John Lovitz and John Hartman

PR Mogul, Michael Levine, of Levine Communications.  (Michael Levine, wrote the foreword
 for The Maybelline Story.

Phil Hartman's sister

Phil Hartman's sister Mary Hartman with the Star.  Mary owns The Girl in the Curl in Dana Point CA.

Donna Williams

on our way to sunset and pch.

Sunset Blvd

Abbot Kinney in Venice. 

 Selfie at a boutique in Venice.

 Sites of Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice.  It has changed
 soooooo much.

This is Feed, the restaurant we had taco’s and margarita’s

 This is the restaurant where the after party was.  One of Phil’s favorite
 Italian Restaurants.  Very Frank Sinatra. Wish I’d eaten there.

 This says it all

My sister, Donna, was invited to attend the unveiling of Phil Hartman's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with Phil Hartman's sister Mary. Donna and Mary have friends for many years and Donna was also included with the family when Phil Hartman's ashes were set free at sea.

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