Thursday, October 23, 2014

FINDING MY ROOTS...DAR accepts General Jonathan Williams, nephew to Benjamin Franklin, as our family's great Patriot

After being rejected several times by the DAR, (Daughters of the Revolution,)  for lack of proof of our family's direct relation to the great Patriot of the American Revolution, General Jonathan Williams, we finally provided a letter written by General Jonathan Williams son, Josiah Williams, to his father, announcing the birth of his son, who would be named in honor of his grandfather, General Jonathan Williams.

General Jonathan Williams, grandmother, Anne Franklin Williams, was  the great American Patriot, Benjamin Franklin's half sister, making our family related through the Williams line.  General Jonathan Williams was one of the leaders of the Boston Tea Party and the first Superintendent 
of West Point.  

 In celebration of our Patriot General Jonathan Williams being acknowledged and our family's line established through his son, Josiah Williams and grandson Jonathan Williams, some of the members of our family met to honor and toast the special occasion.  Here is, Cooper Aston, Ann Carneros, Sharrie Williams, Kathy Dellaruso, Christine Goody and Antonio Carneros.

A special thanks to our cousin Karen Bowser for her relentless research and dedication to our family's genealogy and legacy.  Left to right, Cooper Aston, Ann Carneros, Jeff Welles, Karen and Max Bowser.

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