Friday, December 26, 2014

Valentine's Romance Story week. Tom Lyle Williams and Bennie Gibbs.

I will post a Maybelline family Love Story everyday through Valentine's Day.  But if you want to know more about this post, read the sample chapter I'm giving away today.  Just click on the link below and subscribe to my blog.   The Maybelline Story to find out how Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams and his childhood Sweetheart Bennie Gibbs eloped as teenagers to Shawneetown to get married.)

Here is an article written in 1893 regarding Shawneetown as a lovers destination for quick marriages resonates from Tom Lyle and Bennie's journey.

Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois has long been the destination of young couples wanting to marry quickly and secretly. This is especially true of those living in western Kentucky counties bordering the Ohio River. The following is one account of such a marriage and is from the Evansville, Indiana Courier of 31 July 1893.

Morganfield, – Quite a breeze of excitement was created on the street last night by the rumor that Tom Sales and Miss Minnie James had gone to Shawneetown for the purpose of getting married. It seems there was some opposition on the match on the part of the young people’s parents so they decided to steal a march on them and hied them to Gretna Green, where loves young dream might be consummated without let or hinder. Mr. Sales called at the Givens House, where his lady love was boarding with her mother about, ostensibly for taking a moonlight drive. To disarm suspicion, they started out on the Sulphur Springs road, but turned about soon, came back by a street skirting the Givens House to the Shawneetown road.

They drove rapidly to the river opposite Shawneetown, were ferried over, and at this morning were married by Justice Hart. The happy twain returned at once o’clock.

Mr. Sales is a popular young salesman in the dry goods firm of Newton, Robinson and Waller and the bride is the attractive daughter of Mrs. McIntire, formerly of Union City, Tenn., who has been a resident here several months, engaged in teaching music and dancing.

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