Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Memory of Maybelline Heiress, Jean Williams, on what would have been her 89th Birthday

                      Jean Kilroy Williams  1927 - 2006

It was a freezing cold February morning in Chicago when the Bride arrived at the church soon to be wed to Maybelline Company's Vice President Noel James Williams son Noel Allen.  Jean Kilroy and Allen met in High School and now 7 years later the wedding of the year was finally taking place

                 The Bride assisted by her her parents.  

200 guests waited patiently for the Bride to make her appearance as the Groom watched with quiet excitement next to his brother, and Best Man, Dick Williams.

Jean was a stunning Bride and it proved to be worth the wait to see the beautiful gown she chose to wear. 

This was a true love match and Jean and Noel Allen remained married until his death in 1994. 

Read more details about the never before told story of the family behind the Maybelline Company and about Noel Allen and Jean's life together in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

             Noel Allen and Jean on the way to their reception

The Bride and Groom with their parents and bridesmaids. 

Jean and Noel Williams were the parents of Chuck, Nancy and Jim Williams and the grandparents of John, Darren, Steven and Matthew Williams-Clark

Happy Birthday aunt Jean,  I will hold your memory in my heart forever. Jean and I may have clashed when I was a teenager, because she didn't approve of my bleached blond hair and short skirts, but over the years I matured and she mellowed to the point of admitted I was a good kid.  I was with the family at her death and was deeply touched when she kissed me goodbye and said I love you.  She was a stickler on Etiquette and will always be remembered for her quick wit and the undying love for her husband Noel A Williams and her family.

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