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Maybelline has represented the positive spirit, with a stylish edge for 100 years

What makes a model or celebrity an effective face of the brand

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Our diverse group of spokesmodels come from all over the world—representing the positive spirit, cosmopolitan energy, and stylish edge of the Maybelline brand. They are all gorgeous, yet relatable. “Born With It,” as some might say

 Maybelline President, David Greenberg

Maybelline has always represented a stylish cutting edge image throughout the decades. 

Original Maybelline family descendant,

Sharrie Williams 

Maybelline's new Great Lash Real Impact mascara came out December, 2014...this is cutting edge.

In the beginning it was called Lash Brow Ine...Tom Lyle Williams, changed the name in 1916 to Maybelline in honor of his sister Mabel who gave him the idea for the product.

Maybelline in the 1920's took off when Flappers were seen in public flaunting their beautiful eyes with Maybelline mascara in the little red box.

In the 1930's Maybelline introduced eye shadow and pencil for  sophisticated ladies to carry in their handbags.

Maybeline in the 1940's, continued marketing their "Before and After" advertisements with a modern look and new line of products for the girl waiting for her Soldier to return during WW11.

Maybelline in the 1950s represented fashion as well as beautiful eyes after TV commercials give the
 products new dimension. 

Maybelline in 1964, introduced it's first wand-mascara,
 Ultra-Lash.  The teen market takes the Maybelline
 Brand Global.  

Maybelline in the 1970's now owned by Schering Plough Inc, introduces "Blooming Colors" to the market and creates more choices for fashionable ladies. 

Linda Carter, Wonder Woman
becomes spokeswoman during the 1980s, giving the face of Maybelline a more full body presentation.

The face of Maybelline, Kirstin Davis in the 1990s, introduces the Slogan, Maybe She's Born with it, Maybe it's Maybelline.

L'Oreal buys Maybelline in 1996 and changes it's name to Maybelline New York.

Maybelline today, is the biggest cosmetic brand in the world, starting 100 years ago by Tom Lyle Williams, a 19 year old entrepreneur from Chicago, with the help of his his sister Mabel and his brother Noel J.

Happy Birthday Maybelline New York.

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