Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Sister's Romantic Day Dream, transformed into a magical reality, Maybelline's "Sleeping Beauty" and "Princess Bride"

Every little wallflower, dreams of becoming a Princess someday, according to this 1945 Maybelline ad.

Annette, Noel A. and Helen Williams, 1929.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Helen, who dreamed of being a Princess, waiting for her handsome Prince Charming to come along and  sweep her away on his white horse.  

Ten years later, sweet Helen - no longer a portrait of a wall flower - evolved into a Princess, with the most beautiful, Maybelline Eyes. 

 "Maybe she was born with it - Maybe it's Maybelline,"  certainly applied to Helen Williams, who, not only was born into the Maybelline family - (her parents being Noel J. and Frances Williams,) but was as beautiful as any Star in a Maybelline ad. 

So Helen, lived the storybook dream - married her childhood sweetheart, George, aka, "Cook," Huber, had seven children and lived happily ever after.  Here they are at Helen's brother, Noel A. and Jean Williams Wedding, with their son, John, in 1949.

Cook and Helen (Williams,) Huber, looking like Royalty, in a Romantic Novel, at Helen's baby brother, Dick and Ann (Flynn) Williams Wedding, in 1955.  

Stay tuned for Maybelline Family   storybook Romances this week

"Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally - satisfying and optimistic ending."

Maybelline's Princess Bride.

If there ever was a Princess, so cherished by her betrothed, it was - Annette Louise Williams - The Princess Bride!

Once upon a time a long time ago, there was a sweet little Princes, who's father held a very important position in a land called, Maybelline.  Annette Williams, led a sheltered life, within her family, but when she was old enough, her father offered her a special position as secretary, within the Maybelline world.  Annette, loved her special position, of course, but deep down inside she yearned for her Prince to come and whisk her away. 

One day, out of the blue, and much to her surprise, Annette was introduced to a handsome, charming man, wearing a WW ll, Army Air Corps uniform and her heart skipped a beat.  Within a short time Annette was engaged to this wonderful man named, George Corbett, and her family rejoiced!!  Soon the Wedding invitations were sent and the Wedding of the year was planned.

After the fairytale Wedding was over, Annette and George sped off in p The Father of the Brides car - for a long, long, romantic honeymoon.   

The Father of the Bride, Noel James Williams, walks his darling daughter down the isle to her betrothed.  Below Annette Williams, takes a picture at their family home, in Sauganash Illinois,  with her brother Noel A. Williams, sister, Helen Williams-Huber and brother, Dick Williams, before becoming, Annette Williams-Corbett.

George and Annette cut their Wedding cake, while below, the Father and Mother of the Bride, Noel James and Frances Williams, have a moment together, before he makes his toast to the young newlyweds.
An added surprise, The Bride's uncle Ches Haines, honors the young couple by singing several of their favorite love songs.

    And George and Annette lived Happily Ever After!!!!

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