Sunday, May 10, 2015

Farewell to the Beautiful 1977 Clenet Series 1 Convertible

My dad, William P. Williams, perfectly preserved 1977 

Clenet  #  series 1, 13 out of 250, has a new home.  It was bought by EVERGREEN HISTORIC AUTOMOBILES and shipped back to their museum in Lebanon, Missouri.  It can now be viewed along with the most beautiful cars in the world.  

Owned since 1977 by original owner Bill Williams and his family, the car had very low miles and has been kept under wraps since Bill died in 2006.  The car will be back in it's glory as thousands of car lovers visit the museum. 

If you want to see more pictures or see more posts I've written on my dad's Clenet, scroll down to Archives as look under Clenet.  

Here my dad with his car in 2002, four years before his death. He often drove the car down Coast Highway in Newport Beach with the top down,  radio playing, enjoying the good life into his 80's.  He and his car will be sorely missed. But, I'm happy people can see this special car.


“Where rare and unusual automobiles are the norm.”

Evergreen Historic Automobiles - Lebanon MOLebanon, Missouri
(417) 664-5608

The majority of these automobiles were convertibles and, in fact, Evergreen Historic Automobiles contains a high percentage (over 90%) of open and/or convertible cars. Open cars have proven over the years to be the most rapidly appreciating body style in the collector car industry. It has been said, “When the top goes down, the price goes up.”

Maybelline Heir from The Motorcar Society on Vimeo.

Alan Clenet from The Motorcar Society on Vimeo.

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