Monday, June 1, 2015

1920s Maybelline kids dress for the camera

 I've been a fan of silent films for over 30 years and never miss them on, Turner Classic Movies, Sunday nights.  One thing for sure is, kids and dogs are scene stealer's, when there isn't a lot of talking going on, and  Baby Peggy was one of the best.

Of course Jackie Coogan was killer cute with Charlie Chaplin in the 1921 film, The Kid.

Here is a tribute to some of the adorable children, form my Father, Bill Williams Generation.  First, my father, 1925. Children's fashion was so classy in the 1920's.

Bill Williams with his cousin, Arvis in 1928. Don't you love the double breasted coats and  military hats.

Two little car-guys, Bill Stroh and Bill Williams, 1927. Luckily Bill Stroh's dad owned the Edgewater Laundry in Chicago.  Everything was starched and pressed .

Bill Williams with his first set of wheel's 1927, on Christmas day. Hats were big with kids in the 1920's.

Bill Williams, with cousin,  Arvis and her brother Bill Stroh, 1927.  Kids were so proper back them. 

My dad, "THE KID," Bill Williams dressed meticulously everyday by his doting mother Evelyn Williams.

Bill Williams in short pants and knee socks, a double breasted coat and cap - right out of a silent film, from 1928.

Bill and Arvis Stroh.   Roller Skating in Chicago, dressed for a fashion layout, in 1929.

Bill and Arvis Stroh, looking like part of the cast from Our Gang, in 1929.

Well dressed,children,  Arvis and Bill Stroh are in this picture and the way they light up in front of the camera, in 1929.

Doesn't get much cuter than this.  Bill and Arvis Stroh, in 1927.

My dad's cousin's and Mabel and Chet Hewes daughter, Shirley and her little brother Tommy, in about 1932 - 33. Look at the gold bracelet and ring on little Shirley's hand. These children look like child Stars or Royalty by today's standards.  Parents took such pride in their children's fashion in the early half of the 20th Century.

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