Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beauty Secret: Latisse increases volume of your eyelashes, making Maybelline's impact even more breathtaking

How to cover fatigue by using makeup
By Guest Blogger, Nick Stokes

Most men think that women use makeup only when they wish to look pretty for opposite sex. Little do they know that eyeliners, mascaras and various foundations can be used to cover signs of fatigue and as a way to rejuvenate face. Makeup is not only a fashion statement. It is a tool that gives women a head start. Unlike men, who can be sloppy at times, women are prepared for every situation. By using proper products, you are able to go out and party all night long and then come fresh tomorrow for work.
As they say, eyes are mirror of the soul. Unfortunately, these mirrors can often be puffy, swollen and with big bags beneath them. The fact that most people look you in the eyes first time they meet you, makes it that much worse. It is really hard to cover this area. But it is possible. Since the beginning of the 20th century, when Tom Lyle Williams created Maybelline, women have a good solution for this problem. However, if you wish to fully cover signs of tiredness around your eyes, entire procedure is required.
Before you can start with different eyeliners and mascaras, you should put makeup on your skin. Having in mind that skin is the basis, everything else will be meaningless if you haven’t properly covered it. Begin by applying gel for reduction of puffiness. This substance will reduce swelling bellow your eyes. If you don’t have any cosmetic product for this particular issue, you can try old fashioned spoon or even cold tea bags. After that, you are ready to apply foundation on your skin. Use products that have color of the peach. This way, you can easily restore your natural color which was previously lost due to fatigue. Foundation needs to have small percentage of water within it. Such product will restore moisture and it will make you look fresh.
After taking care of your skin, you can start applying different products on your eyelashes. High quality makeup, such as Maybelline, can give you completely new look. But, you need to be very careful when purchasing mascara. When we are tired, our eyes tend to be watery. This means that tears can easily make a real mess of your face. Always purchase mascara that is waterproof. Eye shadows should be in a light color, such as champagne or pearl white. It is also possible to use products that have shimmer in order to restore glow. The most common sign of fatigue are red lines that appear on our eyes. Purchase eye drops that can reduce irritation. Good thing about eye drops is that you can carry them in your purse and use them at work.
If you wish to prepare for a big day and you think that your eyelashes are not ready for it, you can use products such as Latisse. It can increase volume of your eyelashes diverting people from your eyes. Unlike other cosmetic products, this one has medical purpose as well, so you won’t be able to get it in your regular cosmetic shop. Online suppliers such as Medica Depot are the best place to purchase it.

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