Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maybelline's 1947 Queen of the Tournament of Roses, Norma Christopher, a real California Girl.

  Post War America ushered in a new image for the girl next door and Maybelline as always, lead the parade! The All American face of California's sun kissed college co-ed was now in the spotlight, while the glitz and glamour of War-Time, Pin-Up Girls, tore away to a more natural, simple "life's getting back to normal" beauty.

Norma Christopher Queen of the 1947 Tournament of Roses.

Tom Lyle Williams chose the "California Girl," with her laid back casual yet elegant style, to represent the face of Maybelline in 1947.  A new target market was created as young women busy planning weddings, having babies and moving into their GI loan homes in the suburbs, didn't have time to look like a Movie Star.  The 50's were right around the corner as the Boomer generation was being born.

Tournament of Roses Rose Queen History

A place of honor is reserved in each Rose Parade for the float carrying the Royal Court. Every September more than 1,000 young women vie for the honor of riding that float - participating in a month-long interview process designed to find those participants with the right combination of poise, personality, public speaking ability and scholastic achievement.

When it's all over, a Rose Queen and six Rose Princesses will reign over the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. They will attend nearly 150 public and media functions during their year in the spotlight, spreading the word about the Tournament and Pasadena wherever they go.

Orange County Register 2013 did an article about Norma 

Her life's been rosy ever since click to read

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