Monday, August 24, 2015

1934 Packard sold at auction for $3.63 million. Experts say it wasn't the original car owned by Maybelline owner, Tom Lyle Willimas

During the 1930's and 40's, Tom Lyle, Emery Shaver and Arnold Anderson made up the West Coast branch of the Maybelline Co.  These three men handled the entire Advertising department and produced some of the most artistic photographs of movie stars ever seen. 

Tom Lyle worked with the major film studios, movie stars and ad agency who booked ads in magazines and newspapers seen around the world.  Emery wrote the copy for the ads and created Maybelline's famous slogans. Arnold a creative genius when it came to  touch-up and "before and after" shots, used technicolor to perfect his photos to Tom Lyle's satisfaction. 

Their story is clearly spelled out in my book, The Maybelline Story, but in case you've already read the book and wished for more pictures of Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino and the three men who lived there, here are some rare vintage black and whites.

Tom Lyle and his custom 1934 Packard,
 worth $3.65 million today

Tom Lyle and Emery on the deck, with the 1934 Packard Vee Windshield,  parked in front of the Villa Valentino.

Tom Lyle Williams on the right in California with his lifetime partner Emery and Bud Shaver.
Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino in
 the Hollywood Hills.

The car sold for $3.63 million yesterday.  I ran in to a friend of mine at Pebble yesterday who actually restored 1108-43 and he said it's not the same car.  In his opinion the car appeared to originally have side mounts when he restored it. This would mean it couldn't be Tom's car. He is a good guy and a straight shooter so I take it to the bank.  

This means the Maybelline car is still out there or was destroyed.

Mat Kilkenny

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