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Bathtub Options and Styles Here are two of my custom tubs

When it comes to choosing the right bathtub for your home, it isn't as easy. There are so many beautiful styles and options available in magazines, showrooms, catalogs and on line,  that you might feel overwhelmed. Be sure to do research and know exactly what kind of statement you want to make before you start the process. It will cut out a lot of legwork.  

I choose this  beautiful Jacuzzi tub, while designing my new 
home, after my original home burned down in the 1993       Laguna Beach Firestorm.  It's elegant, feminine and sleek. Just what I needed after so much soot and ash after the fire.


This glitz and glamour Jacuzzi tub, belonged in my father's over the top, Art Deco master bath. Unlike me, his bathroom screamed, "look at me aren't I gorgeous." He loved making a statement that's for sure and his home reflected his personality.

Though entirely different, we both wanted to make an architectural statement that complement our style and personality. Most bathtubs are a bit more modest, but like these beautiful tubs, they will reflect you and your home.   

If you are remodeling your bathroom and are not sure of the kind of tub to chose from. take a look at the options and styles I have outlined here for you. 

Bathtub Options and Styles

These days, bathtubs are created so as to make some kind of bold statement within your bathroom. There are copious styles and types, so how do you select the right one for your requirements?

Leave well behind the idea of investing in an unattractive bathtub that serves to do little other than hide behind the shower curtain. Nowadays, bathtubs can – should - be elegant, pretty, and streamlined. From a soaker tub to a whirlpool system, today’s bathtub options and styles should act as a centerpiece within your bathroom.

Ideas and Inspiration for a Beautifully Luxurious Bathtub

The bathtub style that you ultimately choose will depend on your personal style preference as well as the available budget. Manufacturers of bathtubs produce many different styles and looks, and no doubt some of those you will find match to your taste perfectly, while fitting into your budget with relative ease.

The first step in the process of selection is to have a good look through a wide array of bathtub options online and/ or in design books. That will help you to determine which style suits your own preferences.

First, give thought to the primary use of your bathtub. Perhaps it’s going to serve the role of providing lengthy and relaxing soaks and time to yourself. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, it may be used more for the kids or maybe even for washing your pets.

Whatever the need, the bathtub should serve your lifestyle very well. And do keep in mind the size as well as the requirements for installation. The tub should always fit into the available space so that it looks right.

If you have something of a penchant for the vintage look, go for a freestanding clawfoot tub. These are not only beautiful in their own right, but also work well to save on space. They serve as a bold feature within the bathroom.

You can also select the feet design as a way to reflect upon your own personal style. Some of these tubs feature a heightened back as a way to support the head and neck to enhance the experience of an ultra-long lie in the bathtub.

A whirlpool tub is best at providing a form of massage to select areas of the body, such as the neck or the back. A water jet system comes as standard with the majority of whirlpool baths. Prior to making an investment, do be sure to check that each jet has the capacity to adjusted for speed. And do note that these type of jets are a little noisy when operated, and they will require a regular cleaning operation to keep them functioning properly.

If you have a preference for a relatively simple tub without any accompanying fuss or noise from jets, the soaking tub is designed as a way to provide for a simplistic, relaxing escape from the pressures of life.

Some of these tubs come together with armrests which are molded into the tub’s sides. By virtue of the smooth surface, you might consider one that has a slip-resistant floor.

There is a variation on this type, and that is the Japanese soaker tub. This is traditionally manufactured from wood and is deeper but also shorter than what is considered as the typical American-style tub.

Increasing in popularity is the walk-in tub, given that they are very easy to use and they provide extra safety features. The walk-in tub has doors that afford easy access, and they can also include many different features such as handrails, adjustable jets, slip-proof textures, and sometimes also a seating facility.

If space is at a premium, you might wish to consider a corner type bathtub. These have been specially designed so they can be installed into curved or angular spaces within the bathroom. On the other hand, this does not necessitate that they must be small. Frequently, a corner tub is positioned beneath a window, in which case, you can enjoy the natural lighting and views of the exterior while investing time in the bathtub.

A further space-saving alternative is the tub/ shower combo. The benefit of this type of two-in-one unit is that any limitations on space are made the most of, while simultaneously, bathers are afforded both options to choose from. These are excellent in guest or children’s bathrooms.

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