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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Writer-Producer Options Maybelline Cosmetics Dynasty Story

Before the sale of the Maybelline Company

After the Sale of the Maybelline Company

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Italia Gandolfo – GH Literary Management



Writer-Producer Options Maybelline Cosmetics Dynasty Story

SAN DIEGO, CA/JAN. 19, 2015 – Writer-Producer Marie D. Jones (Where’s Lucy? Productions) has optioned the rights to the story behind the Maybelline cosmetics empire from Sharrie Williams, great-niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams; based upon her personal experiences, her father’s journals (William Preston Williams), and her extensive collection of family documents.

Writer-Producer Jones is developing a television series, working title “Out of the Ashes: The Story of the Maybelline Empire and the Family behind It,” which is already garnering interest from networks. The series covers the history of the family dynasty, from the founding of the company in a rural Kentucky kitchen in 1915 to its continued status today as a billion dollar brand icon, focusing on Williams’ coming of age and personal experiences growing up amidst power, fame, and fortune.

Jones stated, “Open the drawer of the average woman and you’ll see Maybelline products. But few people know the incredible, tumultuous and, at times, shocking, story of the family behind the iconic brand; a dynasty spanning four generations.  It is the intimate story of a young woman growing up surrounded by the recognizable trappings of wealth and power, and with the challenges and losses she endures, finds herself literally rising from the ashes to become her own person. But it’s also the epic historical journey of a singular idea born from a simple Kentucky dream that became a legend—a brand that continues to stand the test of time.”

Italia Gandolfo, CEO of GH Literary Management, brokered the deal. 


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  1. After reading the book, one couldn't but wonder why the doing of a TV series had been overlooked. Congrats to Sharrie...please keep us updated as would guess this must be a relatively lengthy and arduous process.