Monday, February 15, 2016

Maybelline cousin, Chuck Williams BB1 rockin with the Beach Boys for over 45 years.

Chuck Williams BB1 with Mike Love

Chuck Williams BB1, with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston

Chuck Williams, Jackie and Mike Love

Mike Love 1960s

Bruce Johnston 1960s

 Chuck Williams BB1, 1970s

 Chuck BB1  and Sharrie

 Chuck Williams BB1 says

Mike personally makes up the Set List every night they play. How lucky it has been for me over 45+ years that I have known Mike and his Cousins and their neighbor and Friend, that forms The Beach Boys DNA.  On a couple of occasions Mike has asked for my input. My proudest moment was at the opening song Surfin' from a vintage sounding Radio Station just like the 45's sounded Back In The Day to the Curtain of The Beach Boys already on stage in the dark to a BELTING OUT of Surfin' Live-------It gives me chills and the audience thrills. 

The BB1 thing is alive and well. Music-Cars-Sun-Girls just some of the parts to make the whole REEEEELY work. You are the biggest part of all---- My Cousin Sharrie.  XXX/OOO   CW  BB1 

 I am getting ready for the Grand Opening of SPEEDVEGAS in April-May? 

Want to know more about Chuck Williams BB1 and his lifelong friendship with the Beach Boys?  Scroll down the sidebar and look for The Beach Boys or Chuck Williams BB1, under archives.

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