Thursday, February 25, 2016

Author Sharrie Williams inspiring radio interview with author Mathew David Hurtado

Sharrie Williams tells an inspirational rags to riches story about her Great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company.   "TL started a little mail order business in 1915, as a 19 year old entrepreneur in Chicago and eventually become known as the King of Advertising." 

 In this one hour interview, Sharrie will give her opinion on many topics near and dear to her heart and talk about her book, The Maybelline Story and her new TV show, "Out of the Ashes."  Listen at your leisure and enjoy this lively conversation between Sharrie and David.

Sharrie your interviews are so professional sounding..You could do this in your sleep now. Your voice has such a graceful tone... Jan Antaya


  1. TV Show? Date? Channel? Time? Fiction or Non-Fiction? I noticed Chuck Williams or BB1 has the most hits. He is your Cousin but still gets the most action (Hits Wise) so will you use his adventures growing up the same way $$$$$$'s Girls and Fancy Cars for a Non-Fiction Story Chapter????