Monday, March 14, 2016

Jazz Age, restlessness, worship of youth, dissatisfaction with traditional values, 1920's Sparked the "Liberated Woman"

First decade to emphasize youth culture over the older generations.

Young people testing new boundaries with fast cars, short skirts and free thinking changed the rules of the game. 

Bathing suits cut for thin young women, who wanted style and glamour

                                         my great aunt Bunny in 1929

Great aunt Bunny at 25, on the right, Nana's younger sister


The flapper symbolized an age anxious to enjoy itself, anxious to forget the past, anxious to ignore the future." (from Jacques Chastenet, "Europe in the Twenties" in Purnell's History of the Twentieth Century)


Young women in the 1920s, didn't want the drudgery of social conventions and  the routine of daily life.

Fashion and Maybelline, in the late 1920's appealed to the modern woman

Single and married women enjoyed the comfort and ease of relaxed fashion

Advertising helped shape a new identity for men and women

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