Thursday, March 3, 2016

Maybelline's Rosie the Riveter during World War ll

Long before the Women's Movement, Rosie the Riveters of WW11,  built all the planes, ships, tanks and all necessary equipment that our country needed to win the war.  They were the ones who knocked down the doors for women's rights. 

It was a mans world up until 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. It was Rosie the riveters who built the B-17s and the B-29. They found that the women were every bit as good at these jobs as men were, some of us were better.  worked hard to promote Rosie.

Krier has had Congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick propose to make May 23rd National Rosie the Riveter Day. She is working on trying to get a statue of Rosie in the WW11 Memorial in Washington D.C. There were between 16 and 20 million women who went to work during the war. It is time for these amazing women to get due recognition.

Krie goes to different groups to tell the Rosie Stories. Some are really outstanding.  Krier often said that "if it hadn't of been for Rosies role in WW11, we may be speaking German or Japanese today."


" I think they were right"  Mae Krier


  1. Kudos Sharrie for honoring Women in saving our como se llamas during The Wars! If you would allow me, I'd like to remember this most recent Iconic remembrance of Women of the Era...Rosie the Riveter, alas, well before your time and finally honored in later years!!! YO! Thank you to the many Gals who actually made their ways into flying planes and the many naive Gals who lost their lives being "just nurses"!!!! Lest Y'all miss it currently, it is Mercy Street on PBS There is also Bomb Girls a few years ago.

  2. Love your comments Bob. Glad you can see how special those girls were. I adore Mercy Street. So sad Downton Abbey is ending Sunday.

    1. I hear ya Guera RE Downton. Before we have to let go and if need be, just reach out and call me Sunday, so we can do a Virtual watch together

      To fill the subsequent void of DA, immediately go to Netflix:

      RE Women's History Month: The end of the '90s I sought to 'memorialize' Gals within the context of Nursing as being a not so wussy profession, i.e. Nurses can get killed while on-the-Job. Yahoo had a free offering for a Blog Creator back in those days. Alas, a few years later when it "cost" there was a screw up and I thought everything was "lost" as it did not get transferred. Recently, I discovered that "What happens in Las Internet, stays in Las Internet". One of these days I need to transfer this to a Blog as well as update it in terms of loses in the interim. If you go here , Folks on the far Left are "everyday" Nurses; to the Right, Gals in various wars; clicking on many underlined names/headings are still active.

  3. OMG Sharrie...I saved DA's finale episode "to savor" (ya right, call me quirky) last night. Besides the smiling tears, 'Fess gave a big Fist-Pump when you saw how Daisy's Doo was redone by Mz. Baxter! (Fist-pump?