Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Maybelline Model Rochelle Hudson, 1930's actress who's star faded to soon

  Rochelle Hudson - March 6, 1916 – January 17, 1972.

 Wild Boys of the Road (1933), 

playing Cosette in Les Misérables (1935),

 playing Mary Blair, the older sister of Shirley Temple's character in Curly Top

and for playing Natalie Wood's mother in Rebel Without a Cause (1955).

 Rochelle was the girl-next-door during her heyday, but faded as the times changed and films became more sophisticated. 
Many Maybelline models, are not remembered today, because their stardom faded so soon. 


  1. 'The "Ayes" have it!', we all know is when a group has won a vote. Ya, Ya... hair, chins, high cheeks, dimples, noses, and lips do have their place in winning 'notice', but when you start puffing the lips up out of proportion and Botoxing the Eyes out of shape...sadly like wonderful Joan...or over "rougeing" cheeks like CNN's Costello, you lose something IMHO, like Kelly did with her chopped-coif!
    - OMG!!! Gone are Barbie days this past Sunday as one G-daughter got 3!!! different palettes of "shadow" from under her tree. It seems appropriate to profess, IMHO, that: "It's 'The Eyes' that have 'It'", as being #1!. While there are many 'eyes' that might catch my eye (well, being a Guy) and with due respect to Tom Lyle's choices for Cover Women, I must confess, that while the brows of this Chica were a tad "heavy", the reaction of my Steady to my reaction as a teen to this scene of "Eyes" http://tinyurl.com/q6zvgfp was rather "unsettling"...LOL So sad gals wont listen to what Sharrie dared fess-up RE her image issues as a teen! Today, might they trust Maybelline to work its magic. (Sad to have an-only-50-something niece beginning to end up looking like today's Novak.)

  2. When Tom Lyle Williams began his entrepreneurial hike towards the mountain top in 1915, eyes were the one feature on the face that were completely overlooked. 100 years later eyes are still the most important feature, when it comes to glamour. Your granddaughter knows that, so did her mother, grandmother and great grandmother.